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Domesticity Meme

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who cooks normally?:

They both do. They both like to take turns cooking it because they can both cook good food but probably Eren mostly because he likes to try different things and give a load of his food flavour whilst Mikasa is like, his judge and most of the time she wishes he hadn’t put so much spice in.

how often do they fight?:

Not over silly stuff like they used to, like when Mikasa would try and protect him or she wanted to clean his wounds and he would insist that he would do it himself and that she should quit ‘babying’ him ( because of Chapter 53 uvu ) but instead like; if one of them gets hurt or injured badly and they both ask why the other can’t be more careful and the other will insist they’re fine when they are clearly not.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?:

They don’t like being away from each other in the case of one of them getting hurt or having a serious accident ( or, if Mikasa’s pregnant, the baby coming ), so they try and do a lot of stuff to distract themselves.

Eren does a lot of stuff to distract himself like talk with Armin or willingly engage in fights in Jean ( mostly talk with Armin because he’s not a kid anymore wow Jean ). He’ll also train to try and distract himself and probably clean when he gets bored, too. He has trouble getting to sleep when he’s away from her because he’s used to her snuggled into his chest.

Mikasa would do some of the same, but she would train more with Sasha or just do stuff with her to get her mind off of Eren like; make the dinner with her ( and make sure she doesn’t eat it before it’s served ), help her with her chores. Sometimes, she goes wood chopping with Historia, too. At night, she has to wrap herself in a blanket cocoon because she’s used to using Eren for warmth and his familiarity usually puts her to sleep quickly so she sleeps with the scarf on, too.

nicknames for each other?:

They don’t do that. Like, Eren would shorten Mikasa’s name to; Mika or Mimi but nothing “cliché”.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?:

It depends but mostly Eren??? If it’s a special occasion for Eren, then it would be Mikasa paying. They don’t like to go out that much, though, because they like to have romantic evenings/nights in most of the time because they prefer to enjoy each other’s company alone.

who steals the covers at night?:

Eren’s always warm with his shifter powers, so he just lets Mikasa take them but she’s never warm enough so she always snuggles into his chest.

what would they get each other for gifts?:

They wouldn’t get each other extravagant things but small things like, when they reach the ocean, Eren gives Mikasa a seashell or something that he found. When she’s sad, he puts a myriad of flowers in her hair.

It’s really hard to get Eren gifts so Mikasa gets him things that remind him of home in Shiganshina. They both don’t mind because it feels more like home with those things.

who remembers things?:

Both of them do, but it’s all with certain things like, Eren sometimes forgets to set his alarm in the morning or he forgets to get up after he’s woken up so Mikasa waits five minutes before waking him up again.

who cusses more?:

Eren. Eren cusses at everything; injuring himself, being surprised, being aggravated with someone and Mikasa often has to tell him to watch his language ( especially around their kids. She still remembers the time where Carla said ‘shit’  right after he did when he accidentally dropped a paint brush when painting the walls of the house inside ).

what would they do if the other one was hurt?:

Mikasa would be worried for his safety but glad he’s alive. She would never leave his side when he was awake, she would check in on him now and then when he’s asleep and if he’s awake then she’ll bring food to him for him to eat.

Eren would essentially do the same but he’d be more distraught than she would be because Mikasa is calm about it, she’s just glad that he’s alive but Eren would be by her side 24/7 and she would often have to nag him to sleep and eat properly whilst trying to assure him that she would be fine.

who kissed who first?:

Well, Mikasa tried to kiss Eren in Chapter 50 so I’m waiting for him to step up his game.

who made the first move?:


who started the relationship?:

They both did, really. They both confessed mutual love for each other so they’re relationship began rather inadvertently but it’s more solidified when Connie or Jean tease Eren about Mikasa being his girlfriend and he’s just like; she is, though????? like, has been for a while???


Now the question is, did I draw Mikasa Ackerman or did I just give Cassandra Cain a red scarf?


Now the question is, did I draw Mikasa Ackerman or did I just give Cassandra Cain a red scarf?

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Not a very big fan of ymir but this art’s just so amazing and it do portray her character very well in my opinion. 

I don’t own this artSource

Not a very big fan of ymir but this art’s just so amazing and it do portray her character very well in my opinion.

I don’t own this art

Anonymous said: Levi


character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Hanji

important friends: AUm. Mikasa, I guess? Since they’re family and all.

general opinions: He’s way too overrated and glorified by the fandom. I find him to be very flat and unintersting.


well-written novel sized fanfiction


Fuck yeah!

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Anonymous said: Top 5 Eremika moments :3c


1. That scene from chapter 50

2. When Mikasa cries over finding him alive in the Trost arc

3. When Eren gives her his scarf

4. The court scene and how Eren defends her

5. When Mikasa’s memories of Eren convinces her to keep on living in the trost arc

There are so many and they all kill me